How We Differ


There are many choices when it comes to choosing a web hosting provider. At Phi 9, our 9 Promises set us apart from our competitors. These promises permeate every aspect of our business from our dealings with customers to our corporate culture in the office.
No Overselling, No Overloading EVER!
Overselling is a recipe for disaster for web hosts and customers alike. We go out of our way to provide both quality and quantity but when we have to choose between the two, we opt for quality. Rather than focusing on short-term profit and reaching sales quotas, we aim to build long-term relationships with our customers and sustainable business practices. As part of our Golden Promise™ you can rest assured that we will never oversell our servers. 
24/7/365 Phenomenal Support™
Are you tired of companies that drop the ball when it comes to support? At Phi 9 we not only promise phenomenal service - but we deliver it too. When it comes to supporting mission critical resources such as business websites and e-mail we have you covered 24/7/365. We provide the same high quality support to all customers regardless of which plan they are on, how long they have been a customer, or how much they pay. We are highly selective when hiring system engineers accepting less than 1 out of every 10 applicants. We are the first web host to strictly require all applicants to have leading industry certifications such as Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and/or Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)
Premium Web Hosting - Pure and Simple
Phi 9 is focused on delivering as much value to our customers and nothing else. Rather than spending millions on NASCR models and expensive advertising campaigns, we reinvest our earnings to create more value for our customers. Our pricing, features, services and promotions are straightforward. WYSIWYG! What you see is what you get. No tricks, no confusing fine print, just pure, uninterrupted hosting.
Redundant Hardware
A very important question - perhaps the most important - which customers often fail to ask their web host is “What type of hardware do you use?” Due to frequent price wars in the web hosting industry, many hosts buy low quality hardware in order to cut costs. As a result, their customers suffer. The combination of cheap hardware and overselling leads to hardware failure. Failure ultimately leads to higher cost, lost revenue and unsatisfied customers. At Phi 9 we invest in only the best hardware. We are proud that we use only enterprise level hardware, dual redundant hard drives and dual-redundant uninterpretable power supplies. If there were to be a hard disk failure, our customers experience no downtime.
Golden Promise™ - The 99-Day Money-Back Guarantee
At Phi 9, you can expect both quality and quantity. We aim to provide the best web hosting experience in the industry, at all times. We do everything in our power to amaze our customers and provide consistently phenomenal support. In fact, we are so confident you will love us that we offer a 99-Day Money-Back Guarantee on all web hosting service. If you are ever dissatisfied with our service, please contact our support team for a prorated refund.
Greener Hosting
As a company with global vision, Phi 9 is intimately tied to our oceans and our environment. It is our utmost priority to assure we are operating with the least possible impact on our environment. To assure this, we source our power from alternate means and plant a tree for each node we operate. All software, hardware and data center infrastructure is purchased and configured with environmental sustainability in mind. Our hard disks consume 50% less energy than conventional hard disks and our power supplies have 80 PLUS® Gold certification to cut down on energy consumption. Our data center facilities have achieved SAS70 certification.
Secure and Reliable
Security is taken very seriously at Phi 9. We utilize both hardware and software firewalls to protect our customers’ data. We monitor our network 24/7/365, restrict unqualified ports and even block ICMP (ping) echoes. Our system engineers keep everything up to date with the latest software and security patches. But don’t let this scare you. Despite our high security, we still provide the most intuitive user-friendly user interfaces in the industry.
Straightforward Pricing
All of our services have honest, straight-forward pricing. There are no hidden fees or taxes. Our plans are designed to provide useful features and tools for our customers. We have organized our packages into tiers to accommodate different needs and different budgets. 
Socially Responsible
We believe that helping others is not only good business, but everyone's business. At Phi 9, we believe in paying it forward.

  • Phi 9 has no religious or political affiliation. We believe in being good for goodness sake, an idea that permeates every aspect of our business.
  • We provide free web hosting for US-based non-political, non-religious, 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organizations. We also provide free web hosting for registered NGOs.
  • We provide subsidized web hosting to students and educators at accredited not-for-profit educational institutions in the US and Canada.
  • We work with Kiva and other microlenders to empower women entrepreneurs in developing countries to start their own businesses. Together we can eradicate poverty, one microloan at a time. For more information, or to join our Golden Compassion™ initiative please visit
  • We donate 5% of annual profit to NPOs, NGOs and charitable organizations. We believe that everyone has a right to the basic necessities of life - things we take for granted such as food, clean water, hygiene products, medical care and basic sanitation. Examples of organizations we work with are UNHCR, La Maestra Clinic, S.O.S. San Diego and Kiva.
  • As we grow, we plan to develop open source projects and contribute to existing open source projects. We owe our business success in large part to open source software and believe that taking without giving is selfish.
  • For more information about our community initiatives or to get involved please contact